Season 1 | Episode 4: 11:00

13 Hours: Race Against Time

Family, Germany 2010

Özzi, who was able to hide in the freezer at the last second, is in danger of either being discovered by the gangsters or freezing to death. Meanwhile, Leo and Jonas, together with Inspector Kern, are able to sneak into the school unnoticed. Will they succeed in taking the hostage takers by surprise? They only have 9 hours left to stop the guys.


Prize of the international youth jury White elephant
Prix Jeunesse International Fiction

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Andreas Morell


Hans Hafner

Sound Design:

Robert Klemm


Timon Wloka (Ben Brehmer)

Janina Fautz (Leonora 'Leo' Largareta)

Timmi Trinks (Jonas Stürmer)

Ugur Ekeroglu (Özgür 'Özzi' Delikaya)

Ruby O. Fee (Sophie Kellermann)

Peter Lohmeyer (Professor Brehmer)

Eralp Uzun (Cenk Delikaya)

Original title:

Allein gegen die Zeit

Original language:



16:9 SD, Color

Age recommendation of the KJF:

Starting at 12 years

Age rating:

FSK 12

Audio language: