Saison 1 | Episode 1

Little Bear

Animation/Aventure, Canada 1995

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Little bear lives in the idyll of an enchanting forest. He is bursting with joie de vivre, thirst for knowledge and crazy ideas. His imagination takes him to distant countries and foreign worlds and allows him to have many adventures together with his friends. In the first episode, the little daredevil gets to know his fur as a protection against the cold and tries to fly to the moon: with an astronaut helmet he specially designed and made for this purpose. The little bear learns to value its fur as the best protection against the cold. In the spring, Little Bear plays hide-and-seek with his friends the duck, the owlet, the tomcat and the hen. The little bear is making an astronaut helmet. Then he looks for a place to start his flight to the moon.
23 min
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Réalisation :

Raymond Jafelice

Scénario :

Neena Beber

Musique :

Lesley Barber

Production :

Michael Hirsh

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Autres titres :

O Pequeno Urso

Format :

4:3 HD, Couleurs

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